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Stanford Advanced Financial Technologies Laboratory

Research, Education and Leadership in FinTech

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The Stanford Advanced Financial Technologies Laboratory (AFTLab) accelerates research, education and thought leadership at the intersection of finance and technology.

We develop next-generation financial technologies that harness advances in big data, machine learning, and computation.

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The financial sector is undergoing significant changes, driven by the ever increasing importance of data and information technology. The Advanced Financial Technologies Laboratory (AFTLab) pioneers financial models, statistical and machine learning tools, computational algorithms, and software to address the challenges that arise in this context. The Lab's faculty and doctoral students combine expertise in core areas such as stochastics, machine learning, optimization, data science, and algorithms with a deep understanding of financial markets and institutions to make fundamental advances of broad relevance. The Lab promotes cross-disciplinary, multi-faceted approaches that draw from finance, economics, operations research, statistics, law, computational mathematics, computer science, and other fields.