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Frank Bisignano

Frank Bisignano, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, First Data

Frank Bisignano is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of First Data – one of the largest FinTech companies, providing commerce solutions to businesses and financial institutions across the globe. Frank joined First Data five years ago, and under his leadership, the company has transformed from a declining payments processing utility, to a valuable technology leader, enabling more than 93 billion electronic transactions, representing $2.4 trillion in volume and equity value of over $20 billion.

In 2014, First Data announced a historic $3.5 billion private placement of equity, which initiated a deleveraging effort that continues today. The private placement was followed by a $2.6 billion IPO in October 2015, the largest U.S. IPO of the year.

Frank’s leadership in Financial Services extends through his nearly 30-year career and includes senior roles at some of the world’s largest financial institutions – as well as leading roles to support corporate citizenship.

Before taking on the leadership of First Data, Frank held the position of Co-Chief Operating Officer at JP Morgan, a time during which he led the bank’s turn around operations that redefined mortgage lending post the 2008 financial crisis.  Later, Frank served as chief negotiator for CEO Jamie Dimon, leading the Bear Sterns and Washington Mutual acquisitions.

Frank has held senior leadership roles at other leading institutions, including Citigroup, where Frank served on the bank’s management committee and served as chief administrative officer for the Corporate and Investment Bank and CEO of Citigroup's Global Transactions Services business.  While at Citi, Frank was responsible for the safe evacuation of the Bank’s 16,000 employees from lower Manhattan on 9/11.